5 Matcha Green Tea Face Masks & Steams You Can Make At Home — PHOTOS

The price of matcha green tea always made me reach for a cheaper alternative, promising to myself that I'd drink matcha when I won the lottery. Even though I had already seen firsthand the positive effects of matcha green tea on my skin, it took a year for me to incorporate it into my daily repertoire of natural goodies. It only took snagging a box from my parent's house for me to become insanely addicted to the benefits of matcha green tea for my skin, hair, and brain. Suddenly, I had become consumed with infusing face masks with matcha green tea like it was my job, nay, my duty. And karmically speaking, I feel I now have an obligation to share my top five favorite matcha tea face masks with the world.

Matcha, like many plants that make our skin and minds feel top-notch, is comprised of a similar chemistry as the human body. Not only did my skinlook and feel better within a week of swapping out coffee for matcha green tea, but my memory and mood began to improve dramatically. In my personal experience, the withdrawals from my daily 20 year coffee habit felt non-existent. Interestingly enough, matcha green tea contains theanine, an amino acid that is found in green tea that our brain naturally produces. Guess what depletes our brains of this precious amino? Drinking too much booze. Not only had I found a hangover cure for my mind, but that hangover cure could be directly applied to dehydrated skin.

Before I get too nerdy about matcha green tea, let me get you "addicted" to these super effective face masks. If you're feeling a little wary at the price, don't forget this ingredient doubles as an excellent morning beverage too!


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