BeMatcha Culinary Grade Review by Everyday Tea Blog

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BeMatcha has offered three grades of Japan sourced matcha for review - a Ceremonial Grade, a Spring Grade (Cafe), and a Summer (culinary) Grade sample. After some thought I have decided to devote a separate review to each.

The sample is 10g. The color is much more vibrant green than usual. I was expecting a very bitter sip. It really was not particularly harsh. I have definitely had much worse. The taste was a little grassy with a brisk bite. It is a little sweet and has a fairly clean aftertaste.

As a straight drink it is certainly not terrible. It is better than most of this grade. Rather the problem with it is it is just not that interesting on its own, but then it isn't intended to be used this way. 

As you can see this makes a dark green latte. This is very appealing as too often the color is a sad light grayish green (clay).

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