Our Matcha

Our Farmland:

Located in the pristine, mountainous areas of Kyoto and Kagoshima, our organic farmland is well protected from all industrial, nuclear, and urban pollution.The surrounding trees block out any remaining pollutants and chemical interference. This is very important for the quality and taste of our green tea leaves. 

The fertile volcanic soil and sloping terrain is an important part of our green tea farms as it provides the tea roots with a continuous supply of fresh running water and dissolved minerals. In contrast, water may become stagnant in flat green tea farmland resulting in mineral deficiencies which give the tea leaves a bitter taste. This is why the area around Kyoto and Kagoshima is famous for its superior tasting tea leaves and high mineral content. 

Our farms use no chemicals or pesticides. Our products have passed the rigorous inspections of both the USDA and the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards), and have been granted with certifications from both. This is an honor that not many other tea companies can boast.