Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder full of Healthy Nutrients & Antioxidants

Experience tea in its purest form

Our matcha is 100% organic green tea leaves ground to a fine powder. Instead of being steeped as in most teas, the powdered leaves are whisked right into the tea. Real matcha comes from Japan. Ours is from Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima which is where the finest matcha is produced. Like all tea, matcha comes from the tea plant, but what makes matcha so special is that it's grown under shade for several weeks before harvest (tencha). This causes the tea plant to produce high amounts of chlorophyll (the green pigment that allows plants to absorb sunlight and derive their energy through photosynthesis). The tea leaves are then ground by granite stones to form a very fine powder so when you drink it, you ingest the entire leaf and all of its nutrients! This makes matcha extremely healthy and provides a slow release of energy for up to six hours which helps keep you alert and focused without jitters or a crash afterward.